Free audio recordings for
intermediate language learners!


Each recording comes with a transcript.

Natural audio recordings

Recordings are delivered naturally and with crystal-clear audio.

Smart transcript highlights

All textual transcripts are color-coded based on the words in your "word bank."

Knock out the blue words!

Eliminate each new word you face by saving it as "known" or "practice."

Powerful playback controls

Take full control of the playback experience with auto-pause and looping.

Auto-generated flashcards.

Easy to practice later

Each word you save is automatically created as a flashcard.

Sample sentences

Drill down to find sample sentences for any word in your word bank.

Custom word lists

Group your cards into custom word lists for specialized review.

Interactive practice

Practice your word lists with interactive games and challenges.

Works on all your devices.

Designed for Smartphones

Play your favorite audio recordings on the go. You can even loop the audio!

Designed for Tablets

Get in 15 minutes of listening (and review your flashcards) in bed before "lights out."

Designed for Laptops

Get hands-on in front of your laptop for word organization and goal setting.

Designed for Desktop

Use your desktop and enjoy a high-powered, full screen immersion experience.