What is Lexo all about?

With the Lexo project, our mission is to share the world's spoken languages. We are on a mission to accumulate a robust and interesting repository of naturally spoken language content to make it easy for anyone to find content in the language they want, at the level of difficulty they want.

Further, we strive to develop the features to support that content, making it easy for you to immerse yourself in the language you love! Some of these features include robust and flexible playback settings, easy saving of "known" and "practice" words, auto-generated flashcards, progress-tracking, smart-phone and tablet support, and more.

The days of scouring the interwebs for quality authentic language material are gone. Whether you are learning French, Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Italian (and more coming soon), and whether you are a beginner or advanced speaker, simply login and browse our lesson library to find the right one for you. Enjoy!

DeAnne and Shirley sharing some English content about how their dogs became best of friends.