Why Lexo?

Like monsters, languages can be scary! Especially when you're putting in a lot of work and not making much progress.

When you are a total beginner in your target language, there is a ton of great content for you to consume across the web. There are vocabulary lists, grammar lessons, quizzes, apps, and games all there to help you get comfortable with the basics. This helps you get off to a fast start, but there's a catch!

These resources can only help you achieve a certain (rudimentary) level of proficiency in your target language before you begin to plateau. Have you ever experienced this, where you felt you were no longer progressing?

And just like beginners, advanced learners have an entire world of natural, native content at their fingertips in the form of radio shows, books, podcasts, YouTube videos and articles, all ready to go in their target language. Wonderful! The issue here is that it takes quite a while to become proficient enough to comfortably consume this powerful learning material found in the "real world."

Lexo exists to solve this problem: to fill the "Intermediate Content Gap."

We accomplish this by offering a wide variety of natural audio recordings (on all sorts of topics), delivered at a controlled pace. We value crystal clear audio, interesting subject matter, and accessibility on all devices.

But we've gone further than simply making these recordings available. All the wonderful recordings in our audio library come with complete textual transcripts to help you follow along, and a ton of interactive features.

So now that you know what Lexo is all about, go ahead and check out one of our audio recordings right now!